Rapid Launch Blueprint

From idea to business
quickly and easily

Rapid Launch Blueprint is your step-by-step guide to launch your business idea.
Create a domain name, website, and connect payment processing.

When I say "Step-by-step"

I mean, "Step-by-step"

I will break down what website to go to, what to click on, how to set everything up, and even some best-practices.

What are others saying?

"so simple and affordable."

You have your idea, now what?

It shouldn't take 2mo and $300+ to launch a simple product/service business.
You SHOULD be able to have an idea on Friday and be ready to launch on Monday and only spending $32 for a website and domain.
That's what I did for this exact website and product.The RapidLaunchBlueprint will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of launching a business within 24 hours. It covers a simple website like this one, purchasing and connecting a domain name, and setting up and connecting payment processing, so you can get your concept up and running and most importantly... LAUNCHED!


What this is not...

This is NOT a business course.
This is NOT a marketing course.
This is NOT a website design course.
This guide will NOT help you create a product.
This guide WILL help you take your product/service idea and quickly launch it by guiding you through the set-up of your website, domain, and payment processing.

What you think you need

1. Website (Spend weeks or months creating or paying for a robust website)
2. Pay for a fancy CRM even though they don't have any contacts
3. Logo (Spend days or weeks creating or paying for a logo)
4. File for and purchase an LLC
5. Register your company
Two+ months and $300-$2k later, finally launch

What you actually need

1. Purchase RapidLaunchBlueprint ($20)
2. Follow the steps for purchasing and setting up a simple website ($19/yr) and domain name ($12/yr)
3. Launch in 24 hours!

Or don't

It's easier not to... barely

I suppose you can continue to let great ideas remain just that, ideas.
Never see what it's like to have your ideas on an actual website, that you created and own.
And never have your ideas out there in the world for people to purchase.
Who knows, that solopreneur dream could be closer than you think.

Get Started

Purchase the RapidLaunchBlueprint
and be up and running within 24 hours.

The world deserves to have your concept turn into a reality.
There are people that want to pay for your expertise.
There are people that want your digital product.
Give the people what they want!
Launch your business with this step-by-step guide and eliminate any friction and struggle,
save hours and hours (weeks even), and experience a seamless set-up!

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